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​​Estate Softwash performs exterior window cleaning using a combination of effective methods based on the window and frame. We use XERO Purified Water Fed Pole Brush Systems, extension poles, squeegees, rotary friction pads, rotary scrub pads, as well as various window cleaning products to clean and restore windows. Estate Softwash experts can proficiently restore windows by removing hard water stains and frame rust stains. Estate Softwash can clean over three story windows and skylights standing on the ground. Estate Softwash offers annual exterior window cleaning maintenance contracts in Charlottesville, VA and surrounding areas.

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Window Cleaning

Estate Softwash uses a large scuba tank water purification system and large carbon fiber water fed extension brush poles that shoot out clean water to wash exterior windows. We also use large aluminum extension poles with squeegees, scrubbing pads, and friction drying pads to clean any dirt stuck on windows.

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Window Cleaning

Interior window cleaning is usually done by wet and dry squeegee, extension pole, rotary friction pads for skylights, and microfiber towels.

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Estate Softwash can restore hardwater stain windows using a special cleaning solution. We pre-wet the glass, apply solution with towle squeegee, wet it with soap and water, then dry squeegee, then repeat. We repeat until fully restored which can be 2-3 times per window.

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Estate Softwash cleans interior windows. Estate Softwsh in Charlottesville can clean interior sklyights, large glass panes, small checkerboard windows, and folding windows. If your windows fold open, our teams can clean the exterior and interior at the same time standing inside the house. We use squeegees on large glass, and sometimes special window towels for checkerboard pattern windows. We can clean screens, window tracks, and sills as well as part of our deluxe packages. Estate Softwash offers annual window cleaning maintenance contracts in Charlottesville, VA.
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Window Cleaning Charlottesville VA

Carter did an excellent job power washing and doing the windows on our very challenging house. He is meticulous and takes pride in a job well done. Our house has never looked so good.

Carole Todd

Window Cleaning In Charlottesville VA

Carter and Alicia did a great window cleaning job. It was a challenging task with several different window designs to manage. They worked hard to get the job done thoroughly. We would definitely use them again!

Sarah Bardwell

Window Cleaning Charlottesville

Carter was great to work with. He shared a lot of information with us on a consult visit then cleaned our windows. He did a great job and was extremely efficient and professional. We will be working with him again to do window cleaning.

Chloe Delaney

Frequently Asked Charlottesville Window Cleaning Questions

We use many methods. Sometimes we softwash, wet squeegee scrub with extension poles, and rinse with a water only pressure cleaner if it’s a super dirty window. Most of the time we use a high end XERO purified water fed pole brush system. Water purified through our tanks shoots out of a window cleaning pole. We scrub and rinse. When it dries it’s spotless and streakless. For large glass we will use wet squeegee and dry squeegee.

Estate Softwash cleans interior windows based on design and how dirty they are. Most of the time we use wet and dry squeegee and extension poles. Sometimes we use spray bottles and special microfiber friction towels and paper towels or newspaper as final wipe down. We often wipe down window screens and re-intall them. We also clean window sills and wipe down the tracks.

Yes. Widows with hard water or rust stains or cloudy windows. We restore them with dedicated wet squeegee buckets for chemical based on necessity and always just plain soap and water. We keep the window wet and work it. We apply a restoration cleaner, soap and water, dry squeegee, sometimes water fed pole, then repeat. It grabs and pulls whatever is on the glass off and restores it. We restored the main art gallery window for Les Yeux du Mondes.

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