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Soft washing is the specialized method of low-pressure exterior cleaning safest for all plants and properties. It is the only cleaning method that is safe and effective for roof cleaning. Estate Softwash can soft wash roofs, houses, windows, driveways, decks, patios, permeable pavers, stone walls, brick walls, stucco, vinyl, hardy plank, and sports courts. Tennis courts and pickleball courts, for example, should never be power washed. Soft washing leaves an evenly distributed, clean surface free of streaks and stripes.

Each job begins by lightly spraying water on all plants and landscaping to create a protective water barrier. Estate Softwash uses multiple hoses to protect all your plants and property. Our power washer hoses only spray clean water, and our dedicated electric soft wash hoses only spray our cleaning solution comprised of bleach, soap, and water. This liquid soft wash mix is blended using a manifold with adjustable metering valves attached to each solution tank which enables us to set our spray on roof mode, house soft wash mode, or surface cleaning mode determined by the job at hand. The soft wash solution does most of the work. Once applied, it agitates dirty surfaces with green mold, black mold, green moss, grit, grime, and stains and is ready to be rinsed away like new. The final water-only rinse gives everything a new look and dilutes the mix so that it is safe.

Here is a large farmhouse soft wash from the Cunningham Creek Winery estate in Scottsville, VA. This is a prime example of how soft washing can restore the aesthetics of large historic properties. If you would like your property cleaned before the Spring rush, please call the office at 434-962-1631 to schedule a free in-person estimate.

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